Guide to Apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Meet up all the requirement for the New Zealand Working Holiday (NZWH) visa and ready to start immediately? Need some guidance to apply New Zealand Working Holiday visa?

Before doing anything in a rush, below are the step by step guide on how to apply for NZWH visa. Follow the guides, then you will get much clearer about the application process.

Not sure you meet up the requirement? Go read this post: New Zealand Working Holiday Visa for Malaysian to check!

Step 1: Register a user account

Apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

The visa application process is done online, thus you need to go to the New Zealand Immigration official website and create an account. Fill up all the particulars needed and register yourself for the online services.

You need to log in first, in order to apply any visa to New Zealand.

Step 2: Wait until the open date

Apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa-calendar

The NZWH visa is only open for people to apply on a certain date and time every year. Anyone misses the chance at that time, then you have to wait another year to apply for the visa.

Usually, the visa will open around the end of January and the time is 5 am Malaysia time (10 am NZT)

Based on past experiences:

Year 2014 – 22/1/2014, Wednesday

Year 2015 – 28/1/2015, Thursday

Year 2016 – 20/1/16, Wednesday

Year 2017 – 20/1/17, Friday

Year 2018 – 25/1/18, Thursday

Year 2019 – 23/1/19, Wednesday

Year 2020 – 23/1/20, Thursday

You can go to New Zealand immigration website’s About This Visa page for Malaysia Working Holiday Visa to check the latest update on the date the visa starts to open.

Step 3: Filling the application form

Get ready all your information especially your passport number and the expiry date.

Fill in the details with the correct information. Incorrect or misleading details may fail your application.

Be patient to fill-up the form, as the server is busy, the page will load very slowly. Don’t give up waiting for all the pages to be filled, refresh when the page looks like an error or exit suddenly. I do open several tabs and browser on hoping one of it can run smoothly, but too much will make it very slow.

Step 4: Making payment with credit card

You’ll need to pay an application fee and immigration levy online using a valid Visa or MasterCard.

As time goes by the visa fees will vary, for example, the visa before the year 2016 is NZD $165, then it increases to NZD $208. Please go view the visa fees details to check the current charges.

Step 5: Wait for the visa confirmation

Usually, once the transaction had confirmed, the processing time to get the visa will be within 25 days. There will be an email sent to you regarding about the visa status, so do also check your junk mail. If they need you to provide any more evidence, the email will explain what you need to do. All the concern or issues on the visa application, you can contact thru email.

I got mine in just 2 days time! Here is the sample of my e-visa

Apply New Zealand Working Holiday Visa-1

Step 6: Check everything and prepare for the trip

Always make sure everything is correct, including the type of visa, your passport number and expired travel period. Besides, please do understand the terms and conditions of the visa. Knowing your rights is better than a blurred person.

If you renewed your passport or any information in the e-visa, you need to inform the New Zealand Immigration authorities to issue a new e-visa.

Click this link for the process of transferring my visa to a new passport.

Extra Tips

  1. Get well prepaid all the documents and information
    • the information has to be accurate, getting prepared is the way to not let your anxiousness ruin it all
  2. Don’t refresh the page too often
    • sometimes the server is too busy, that need to take some time to load.
  3. Try login with Google Chrome
    • during the year I apply, most of the successful applicants commented they used Google Chrome, including me. I don’t know it still applicable for now.
  4. Don’t give up waiting and refreshing within 3 hours
    • Past few years it takes approximately 3 hours until the slot is full. Keep trying until the official page said it is full.

Sometimes, it all comes to your luck to apply as the number of the competitor is increasing every year. Get it or not, don’t get upset. If you are before age 30, you still can try it next year.

Good luck to all the applicant!

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