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Once a kid worried a lot of things, not daring to explore this fascinating world. He who misses a lot of things for being a part of the world. This is me before going to New Zealand Working Holiday by myself. I have this dream of travelling around the world but has doubt on myself making it. I always want to look for people to accompany before going anywhere. On the year 2015, a taste of solo travel in New Zealand makes me feel my dream can come true one day.

I am Ang Wee Hong founder of this blog VHong Wander. Yup, VHong is me, shorter spelling but same pronunciation. This blog is dedicated to myself and readers following my journey of wandering around anywhere. As a person that worries much, doing research is crucial for me to make sure I know what is going on and idea wherever I go to. Since I already spent time on researching, why not I also write down in this blog to share with everyone.

Basically, you can find this blog is about my travel plan, budgeting ideas, destination guides and my stories on travelling.

I have a belief of a person needs stories to tell to live a life. Travelling is my best stories to tell. Welcome to my blog!

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