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Australia has announced that they will be extending and increasing the number of Australia working holiday visa for Malaysian starting from July 2019. It is wonderful news for anyone interested to have a once in a lifetime experience working holiday in Australia.

In the past years, they only have an annual limit of 100 visa. Starting this year 2019, it is going to increase up to 1100 for the Malaysians.

Furthermore, the Australia Working Holiday visa allows traveller to stay up to 3 years if they do at least 6 months of agricultural work or certain industry in certain region.

Working Holiday / Work and Holiday Visa (they are the same but different)

There have 2 types of working holiday visa offered in Australia, Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) and Working Holiday visa (subclass 417). The details differ by country, for Malaysian, we are applying for Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462).

What this Working Holiday Visa allows us to do?
  • stay in Australia for up to 12 months
  • work in Australia, generally for up to six months with each employer
  • study for up to four months (17 weeks)
  • leave and re-enter Australia any number of times while the visa is valid.
  • Can apply for a second Work and Holiday visa if you meet certain eligibility criteria


To proceed applying the work and holiday visa (subclass 462), you need to meet up these requirements:

  • Hold a passport from Malaysia or other countries listed for subclass 462
  • Are aged 18 to 30 years (inclusive) on the date you apply
  • Have not previously held a Working Holiday (417) or Work and Holiday (462) visa
  • Have a letter of support from your government
  • Hold a degree, or have successfully completed at least 2 years of undergraduate university study
  • Have functional English
  • Have enough money.

Create an Immi Account

Starting the year 2019, the application and lodgement of documents are all under 1 website, which is the Australia Department of Affairs website.

Australia Working Holiday visa for Malaysian is an electronic visa (which means that you won’t need a paper in your passport), but a printed copy of the confirmation to the airport just in case.

To apply, suggest you create an account first with the Australia Department of Affairs called Immi account and fill out the application online. This helps you prepared when the time comes open for application, you are a step ahead.

Click create an ImmiAccount if you are new, log in when you returning visitor
australia working holiday visa immi account 1
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Prepare Your Documentation

After you have confirmed you are eligible to apply, your next step is to prepare your document.

  1. Identity and travel documents
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Bank Statement to show proof of funds
  4. Evidence of home government support (Good Conduct Certification)
  5. Proof of English language ability
  6. A certified copy of your University Degree/Evidence of having successfully completed a 2-year undergraduate study
australia working holiday visa document

Identity and travel documents

Birth Certificate

Provide a certified copy. The birth cert needs to have English in it. If you have an old birth cert that is only in Malay, then you need to translate the document to English.

The requirement of the birth cert is to show both your parents’ names. If you lost it you will need to provide a copy of the identification pages of one of these:

  • a family book showing both your parents’ names
  • government-issued identification
  • a court-issued document that verifies your identity


It should be valid for more than a year because this Visa is eligible to stay up to 1 year. Provide and scan the page of your current passport showing your photo, personal details, and passport issue and expiry dates.

Passport size photo

The photo taken must not more than 6 months old. Fit the requirement of Australian passport photo size, which it need to have a full-face view of your head and shoulders, taken at the white background.

Bank Statement 

Have at least AUD 5000 in a bank account under your name.

It is a proof that you have enough money to support yourself while in Australia or able to buy a ticket leaving the country.

If you don’t have such money, get your parents, relatives or friends to transfer that amount of money into your account. Once your balance reflects the target balance, have it printed out on official bank templates and get it signed by a bank manager. If not, you can also have the copies certified* officially.

If you don’t attach evidence to your application, processing may be delayed if we need to contact you to request further information.

A Government Letter of Good Conduct

The process is straight forward, this is always the first application made before applying the visa. You can use the letter of Good Conduct issued no more than 12 months ago. So apply as early as possible.

Go to the Malaysian Consular Website , register yourself, fill out the application form online, print them and prepare the photos and photocopies of your passport.

You can choose to either lodge your application via post or in person in Putrajaya. The processing time is about 1 months.

Apply after you paid the visa might let you got refused because the slots is limited. This is an essential document to submit for success.


Proof of English

If you’ve previously finished a university degree in English speaking countries, a copy of your degree or transcripts should suffice. If you’ve done your degree in Malaysia or elsewhere, then get an official document from your university to state that you’ve duly completed your degree solely in English. If not, you’d have to show transcripts of your TOEFL or IELTS examination.

Your Education Evidence

Photocopy your degree and have it certified*. If you don’t have a degree, get your university to write you an official letter stating that you’ve finished at least 2 years of your undergraduate study.


Unless you want to provide originals, my suggestion is to get your ALL of your documents photocopied and certified by the Commissioner for Oaths/Notary Publics. To find your nearest Comm for Oaths, check out this directory. A certified page usually costs about RM4-5.

Should you have further doubts or questions, please email the Australian High Commission. They will provide you the information fairly quick.

Apply for the visa

Log in to your ImmiAccount that you have created. Search for Work and Holiday visa option then fill up all the information accurately. It will be hassle when the information is incorrect, you need to contact them to change. It might delay or even the chance of you to get the visa.

After every information is completed, you will need to pay a visa fee to proceed. Every year the price of the visa might vary, for year 2019 is AUD 485.

After you apply

After you have done the payment it doesn’t mean the whole application process is settled.

Your application will receive an auto-confirmation on the email ID provided at the time of application with the details that will be required for enrolling the Biometrics. All applicants are required to visit VAC for enrolling their Biometrics. The fee for Biometric enrolment is RM117. The mode of payment is only cash. (Ringgit Malaysia)

australia working holiday visa vac

Then you have to do a health check from a list of hospital given. You will need to undergo urine test, chest x-ray and other basic physical check-up.

australia working holiday visa health check
australia working holiday visa health check 1

Waiting for the visa outcome

Ensure all steps listed above have completed, any additional documents needed also submitted. Then you will have to wait for the confirmation of the visa grant. It roughly takes around a week to a month time to receive your grant number and email confirmation.

If they refuse your visa application, they will tell the reason of rejection and do you have a right to review the decision.

The next step

Congratulation if you succeed to have Australia working holiday visa!

Next will be the time to plan out your unforgettable journey working holiday in Australia.


It seems that the Australian Home Office website will keep updating their website and it’s imperative and utterly important that you visit the website and read about everything you need to know in order to successfully apply for the Australia Working Holiday visa. There is no definite guide to confirm getting the visa grant. The application process still depends on luck.

You might read this blog years ago and hope to get an official update about the working holiday visa, you can visit the official website on applying your first Working Holiday visa.

There is an alternate choice to go for a working holiday journey, which is to New Zealand. Get yourself understand about the New Zealand Working Holiday, you might also interested in.

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