14 Must-Have Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday

I’ve listed 14 must-have apps for New Zealand Working Holiday because we know we can’t live without a mobile phone with us. It includes many kinds of apps to entertain, educate, navigate and capturing the current moment of our life. These apps help me a lot throughout my journey in New Zealand.

Most of the apps listed were made only for local. We need to set the country of your app store to New Zealand to install the app.

#1  A Telecom Line App

The first thing landed in New Zealand is to find a new mobile phone SIM card to get connected around the country. New Zealand has several mobile phone operators, which is Vodafone, Sparks and 2 Degree. Choosing which one is depending on you, the differences will be their coverage, price and the benefits offered.

Downloading their app is a must because it can help to check the balance and even top up your credit for a plan. Occasionally, there will be some deals offer from each company that will notify you through the app.

#2  A Bank App

As a Working Holiday Maker, you need to have a bank account in order to get paid for work. Hence, after settling your accommodation for the first few days, you need to make an appointment to open a bank account. Likewise with the mobile phone operators, deciding what bank is all your choice. They may vary with the number of branches across the country, the interest rates and the promotion deals.

The common banks in  New Zealand are Kiwi Bank, ANZ, Westpac, ASB and BNZ. Once you have the bank account, you can log in the app to check your account balance and make any money transfer. It is very convenient for everyone returning the fees by just clicking on the phone.

#3  Trade Me

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday-trademe-1

Jobs hunting, used car purchasing, roommates searching, travel deals and any little thing can be found here. Trade Me is everything, definite must-have apps on your mobile phone. It is also an e-commerce platform for you to sell and buy stuff. Spend some time searching and swiping, you might find something you want with great value.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#4  Campermate

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday campermate

It is super useful for backpackers. In New Zealand, we are allowed to travel and camp in some destined location. By car or campervan, there will be a place for you to stay up close with nature. Using this app, you can allocate campsite for non and self-contained car. All the details are here, either it is cost or free.

Besides, backpackers can use this app to find places of interest nearby. Just follow the thumb up symbol and read the review, you will know anything worth sightseeing or not. There is a lot more features in this app, you can find the grocery store, public toilet, petrol station, dump station and etc.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#5  AA Smartfuel

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday AA Smartfuel

New Zealand’s petrol is not cheap, so there should be some ways to reduce the spending cost for the petrol. I recommend using AA Smartfuel to collect point and save. It is free to sign up, usable for Caltex and BP petrol station.

Here is the deal to save: every time you pump the petrol that cost $40, you will get a point which cost $0.06 off per litre. Sometimes, the point will be higher depends on daily deals. Having this app, you can see the details of the points you have saved and the expiry date of the point. Sign up in the app, you can get a notification about which station provide better offer at a particular date.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#6  BBH Travel

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday bbh

New Zealand is a paradise for backpackers, there is an organisation called Budget Backpacker Hostel (BBH) with a list of hostels for the backpackers with cheaper rate. Sign up as a member then you can get $4 off for any room/bed you staying.

With this app, you can check the hostel details, rating, reviews and do a booking. With 2 kinds of search views, you can allocate the BBH around New Zealand maps or just key in the location you want to visit. I strongly recommend using BBH because you get to experience a different kind of hospitality, from good to bad and vintage to modern.

#7  Grab a Seat & Air NZ

I have been excited to ride Air New Zealand because of their safety video. It has been their trademark every year to come out an enjoyable safety video for the passenger to watch. By the way, you at New Zealand then you better experience their own local airline. They fly locally and internationally.

Both apps, Air NZ and Grab a Seat are under the same airline. Grab a Seat will be more on providing you with a list of cheaper flight deals and Air NZ allows you to check-in and your flight details. Has a new travel plan? Just go check Grab a Seat, you might find an affordable flight deal to your destination.

Download (Air New Zealand): Apple Store | Android Store

Download (Grab A Seat): Apple Store | Android Store

#8  Intercity Bus Tracker

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday intercity

Travelling by bus? Use Intercity Bus Tracker to book your bus trips. You can also get information on your upcoming travel, find your bus stop and see where your bus in real-time.

Intercity also works with Interislander ferry and TransAlpine train travel. Beside travel by bus, you have other option of travelling by ferry or train. When you sign up, you will have the chance of earning free travel. A great deal for a frequent traveller. With this app, you can check and manage your Intercity Rewards account. Then, you will not miss a chance to continue to plan for your next trip.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#9  Discounts from Arrival Magazine

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday arrival

As a budget backpacker, we are not going to miss a chance to have great deals to save up our travel spending. Arrival is a magazine that can be found at the airport when you first landed, it provides travel information around New Zealand and most importantly is the coupon at the back of the magazine. Now, there is an app for it, so no worry to take the magazine when you get easily find it at the tip of your hand.

There are various of discount coupons for activities and products. You just need to show it to the counter to get the benefit of the coupons, is that simple. However, you better read the terms and conditions before doing anything stupid.

Basically, the app has discounts for activities like bungee jump, skydiving, hot pools, Maori village experience and etc. A great app to bang for a buck!

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#10  Essential New Zealand

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday pure new zealand

As a traveller, we sometimes need to plan for our travel journey and wanted some information at that particular location. Essential New Zealand will be the right app to have, where all the insight details needed for any attractions, activities, accommodation and information centres across New Zealand. It is an official New Zealand travel guide from Tourism New Zealand. A great app for a starter before exploring another app. With this app, you can also have links for activity booking, which is very convenient for you to plan your journey.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#11 Here WeGo

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday here

Here WeGo is a free offline map and GPS app. It is very useful to navigate your destination and keep track to your speed limit. I enjoy using the speed alert feature because the road safety law in New Zealand is very strict. A good app to not get lost and not get caught by the police officer.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#12 Jetstar

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday jetstar

Jetstar is a budget airline that provides service to travel domestic and international. You can consider as your second option to fly when there is no deal for Air New Zealand. Jetstar is one of the frequent flyer airlines in New Zealand beside Air New Zealand.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#13 Stuff.co.nz

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday stuff.co .nz

If you more into reading news or wanted to know more about current issues in New Zealand, then this app is very useful to you. It is very popular among the local and the news is considered to be reliable.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

#14 GeoNet

Apps for New Zealand Working Holiday geonet

New Zealand is in the earthquake zone so there will be frequent earthquake happening. Having GeoNet can give you a notification about any shaking reports across New Zealand. It is better to be clear the current situation to keep you safe from the natural disaster.

Download: Apple Store | Android Store

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