Selangor Hidden Gem – Mars Hill Sepang


On New Year day 1, I decided to have a trip out from Earth. A day trip to the Mars!

Malaysia has many hidden gems that can take you to travel overseas without stepping out of the country. Now, you can even travel out of the planet! Introducing the Mars Hill Sepang.

Jokes aside, this place did not have a fix name yet. Some called it Sepang South Africa hiking trail and other called it Mars Hill. I prefer the second one because it sounds outrageous. The name Mars Hill comes from the similarity look of the land of Mars where it is orange and reddish in colour. Also, the place is surrounded by forest and palm oil plantation where that specific spot has little to no plant growing.

The trekking trail to the Mars Hill Sepang estimates to be around half to an hour. Luckily that day, we met 2 locals often hike here. We ask them to guide us. We manage to be there within 30 minutes.

How to go to the Mars Hill Sepang?

The location is not well known, it involves private property so be cautious on finding the location and where to park.

Google Map:

Park your car beside the road of the dragon fruit orchard and don’t block the road.

mars hill sepang parking
mars hill sepang dragon fruit

Look for Na Tuk Kong shrine. Go to the back, that is the entrance of the track. You have to cross the small drain into the palm oil plantation.

mars hill sepang entrance

Follow the road until you see a T-junction. You will see the Pink Hindu temple on your right then turn right to Hindu temple.

mars hill sepang hindu temple

After you pass the Hindu temple immediately turn left.

Go straight until you reach fence

mars hill sepang cross net

You have to crossover the fence to the other side of the plantation. Be careful on the SHARP fence. Look for a loose wire or the wood. Then turn left and go straight until you reach a T-junction, turn right.

mars hill sepang t junction

Just keep going straight be careful of the cow dunk along the road.

Along the road you will see a lake and KLIA 2. You are almost there.

mars hill sepang klia2

Keep going straight you will see bird blue box and palm oil terrace. The whole journey just keep going straight until you getting near to palm oil trees. Walk inside and turn right.

mars hill sepang bird nest box
mars hill sepang palm oil terrace
Beautiful view of the palm oil terrace.
mars hill sepang walking

There is a way on right hand after the palm oil trees.

mars hill sepang enter palm oil
Continue the journey until you see the palm oil tree is near to you.

Finally, you will see the Mars Hill Sepang. You reached the destination.

mars hill sepang
mars hill sepang 1

Continue walk further inside you can take many nice photo.

mars hill sepang location 1
This is location 1
mars hill sepang 3
mars hill sepang 2
Behind me is location 2

The land consists of 2 locations. You can see few rocks shape look like animal and the World Cup trophy is at the 2nd locations.

mars hill sepang dog
Dog like rock
mars hill sepang world cup trophy
World Cup Trophy


I start my journey at 5 pm because we want to catch the sunset at Mars Hill Sepang. I advise everyone to depart by that time too, but you have to leave by 6.30 pm. If not, you are going back pitch black. The sun will totally set down by 7.30 pm in Malaysia.

The trek to the Mars Hill Sepang is suitable to beginner. It is suitable for people who like to take photos and enjoy the view of aeroplanes landing and departing.

mars hill sepang group photo
We need a group photo for memory

You can have a look of the video to have an idea about the road:

The background music might sounds a bit creepy, because we are going out from the earth!

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